Thursday 21 May 2009

Bring Back The Death Penalty!

Yet another opinion I feel strongly about that isn't on the nicest of tones...

Here in the UK, we no longer have the death penalty for heinous crimes, and I feel it should be brought back.

What are my reasons for thinking this?

Well, I don't think serious crimes should go so leniantly punished.

For example, someone willfully murders someone and when they are found guilty, they are given a life sentence which is a minimum of 15 years (which isn't really 'life' at all) - they get to take part in prison activities such as sports, using the internet, watching TV and so on - this doesn't seem much of a punishment to me.

Surely, it should be a life for a life?

In my opinion, it shouldn't just be murderers who are sentenced to death either - shouldn't someone who has committed heinous crimes such as being a paedophile ('kiddy fiddler') also be sentenced to death? Or a repeated rapist, shouldn't they too be sentenced to death?

If people can take a life or ruin a life with their crimes, in return, their lives should be taken from them.

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  1. I am not sue how I would feel if someone close to me was murdered but at the moment I'm against the death penalty- I don''t believe in an eye for an eye, and also there have been some very sad miscarriages of justice over the years when the death penalty was in place

  2. I also think we should bring back the death penalty why should goog hones citizens pay to keep scumbags in prison, sorry I meant holiday camps! If someone plans and does a murder then they should have their life taken away, I feel it's the victims who get punishment not the criminal!

  3. As long as no one innocent is executed. But it will happen.
    I'd rather life meant life, with hard labour and NO privileges .