Sunday 10 May 2009

Life, Form, Morality, Worthy, Silence

I've got another very old poem of mine for you again today, called "Life, Form, Morality, Worthy, Silence":Tremor, the world shakes
The feet of the universe are moving
Rocking in the mist
Twisting in your mind

Yellow, like a fresh lemon
Or a ripe banana,
Settling in the sun
Crisp as a Quavers packet

Bank, think water
Pound signs flashing in the eyes
Plastic and flexible
A fish, gullable

Copyright ©2000-2012 Yvonne Brownsea


  1. That's a great poem, I read it through a couple of times to truly think about it! I wish I was better at writing poems but unfortunately I am rubbish!