Thursday 7 May 2009

Where Are Humans From?

Right then, my random musing for today is - Where Do Humans Come From?

OK, the scientific theory of how life came to be:-

Most currently accepted scientific models build in one way or another on the following theories:
  1. Plausible pre-biotic conditions result in the creation of the basic small molecules of life. This was demonstrated in the Miller-Urey experiment, and in the work of Sidney Fox.
  2. Phospholipids spontaneously form lipid bilayers, the basic structure of a cell membrane.
  3. Procedures for producing random RNA molecules can produce ribozymes, which are able to produce more of themselves under very specific conditions.
  4. The panspermia hypothesis proposes that life originated elsewhere in the universe and was subsequently transferred to Earth perhaps via meteorites, comets or cosmic dust.
Now, the religious theory of how life came to be:-

The story of Adam and Eve is the ultimate reflection on humanity and can be read starting in Genesis 2:4. It explains that humanity was created in order to reflect God’s glory, similar to a statue created to reflect the glory of an ancient king. God commanded us to reflect Him by upholding His commandments. Basically, God created man to serve him.

Now, for my theory of how life came to be:-

Well, I believe that a race of beings/entities (extraterrestrial life), that are advanced beyond the human race today tenfold, made us, and those that came before us (cavemen, dinosaurs etc.) as an experiment to make their perfect "creation".

I don't believe that one man or being "God", could have made the Earth and all things ever to grace it all by himself in 7 days - this is just plain unbelievable.

I don't believe that there was a "Big Bang" one day and from that came Earth and all things ever to grace it - this is equally unbelievable.

Something that is a much more viable reason, is a large group of scentists from a race far more advanced than ours, picked out a planet within the universe/galaxy/dimension or beyond (i.e. Earth) and decided to experiment with what "beings" they could make.

Having made various tests before us and found flaws, we are their current creation - and though humanity may be their greatest creation to date, we are by no means flawless and will eventually destroy ourselves by blowing one another up with nuclear bombs or simply by destroying the Earth and making it uninhabitable for humanity or more simply death - no-one lives forever (another theory is that we will destroy ourselves by us ourselves making something better - i.e. machines). After us, I'm sure they will experiment with the next generation, and maybe remove what was our (humanities) flaws...

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  1. You need to read and study your bible and pray more. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Seek and you will find

  2. I am sorry, but in my opinion, you have failed to give a valid argument. I have read the bible on more than one occasion throughout my life, but I am no more convinced that the biblical explanation has any validity having read it. To me, it is just not a plausible concept.

  3. I'm more than willing to accept the aliens explanation, but I'd like to know where the aliens came from...

  4. Wow never thought of that theory before, it is actually very plausible. There is no reason why there can't be a more advanced race on another planet.