Tuesday 5 May 2009

Swine Flu - A Population Control Conspiracy?

Right, just to say out right, I'm no conspiracy theorist and don't make assumptions of this sort lightly.

Could the current swine flu outbreak be a population control scheme gone wrong?

If the current outbreak was due to a population control scheme gone wrong, the prime suspects for causing the outbreak/epidemic/pandemic would be China or U.S.A. - being two of the biggest countries whose popluations could soon swing out of control if measures weren't taken to combat the population spurts. Of course, it could have been a worldwide conspiracy as the population everywhere is growing quickly.

I've heard both young and old, sceptic and non-sceptip, conspiracists and non-conspiracists speculate about this possibility. It was one of the first things that crossed my mind once I heard about Swine Flu.

I don't think a pandemic was planned, however. It was more than likely meant to be a targetted * controlled experiment* (e.g. do this in a few smaller, poorer areas) and they hadn't foreseen the fast mutation of the disease.

Still, if it was an experiment gone wrong - did they have any right to do it in the first place or by electing the governments of our respective countries, have we empowered them to committing such an act?

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  1. I vote conspiracy. How else would different dna from different species combine?

  2. That's very true. It does seem very odd that it would happen - watch this space :)

  3. I'm now writing this in 2012 and had forgotten all about the dreaded swine flu, I was pregnant at the time and was petrified. That is quite a plausible theory, but we haven't really heard any more about swine flu so who knows

  4. these things seem to come and go, like bird flu