Monday 18 May 2009

The End Of Humanity

Not the most cheeriest of topics, but it is something of interest to me which I would like to share my thoughts about with you...

Well, what do I think are the possible scenarios?

1) Pollution = Damage to ozone layer & health etc.
2) War = Nuclear bomb or something fired as offense/defense and resulting in mass destruction
3) Food Chain = Something higher up the food chain obliterating us for dinner (e.g. vampire, mutated bug etc.)
4) Intelligent Species = Something more intelligent coming along and having no need for us (e.g. A.I. (artificial intelligence, robots), extraterrestrial entities)
5) Science Experiment = But one going wrong, the way the whole black hole creation scenario could have/could still go

6) Zombie Apocalypse = probably a government experiment gone wrong that will call zombie like mutations
7) Collision - a massive meteor hitting the Earth
8) Shifting Of The Polar Plates = this could be potentially devastating. I think it could cause massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and more. Not to mention the likely possibility of solar flares which will cause devastation in terms of technology and peoples major dependancy on it.

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  1. what about a plague of some type? could wipe us all out

  2. I was just reading in the paper about a man has just died from a tick borne viral illness, they are now talking about an Armageddon virus and that it could be the next bird or swine flu!