Tuesday 10 July 2018

FAMILY: Marley's 4th Birthday (YB)

It was Marley's 4th birthday yesterday, so I thought I'd blog about our day out.

We started the morning off with him opening his cards & presents from us (Mum, Dad & big Brother), Granny & Grandad (Paul's parents) and David & Sue (Great Uncle & Aunt).

We got the train to Southport for a day out because little man loves the beach! We had a very busy day...

First of all, we walked all along the pier, and had our sandwiches looking out across the water (or lack thereof as the tide was really far out!). Then to save his little legs from being worn out, we got the mini train back.

If I'm totally honest, we were actually aiming for the beach initially, but we went the wrong way! Anyway, it was an extra little adventure for us! We shared some hot doughnuts before heading off to the beach. Marley had loads of fun! He looked for seashells, built sandcastles just so he could destroy them instantly and ran around loads!

After the beach, we went to King's Gardens Adventure Park - he had loads of fun here too.

Then we had some ice cream, it was a very hot day, and it was the seaside, so we had to have ice cream!

Then we went to the arcades. A trip to the seaside isn't complete without trying to win a teddy (and failing!) on the pick-up machines, or endlessly putting your 2p's into the 2p machine and the sound of winning making it sound like you've won a lot more than you really have! Or playing any of the 10p games to win tickets to exchange for prizes!

Marley cashed in all the tickets we'd collectively gained and managed to get himself a little haul of goodies - a big Minions bouncy ball, a The Incredibles frisbee, a tub of bubbles, a pug teddy and a toy dinosaur.

Then, by this point, he was very knackered, so we headed back for the train, but stopped off at Caffe Nero for a hard earned (as parent's & big brother) cuppa (though he had a kid's cuppa too!). He decided this was the big boy birthday chair...

Then we went for the train home. He looked knackered by this point and inevitably fell asleep on the way home...

But the fun didn't end there, so it was quite lucky he didn't fall asleep. As when we got home, Grandma, Auntie Yasmin & Auntie Latisha (my Mum and sisters) came over with their cards and presents for him.

Not to mention, this fantastic dinosaur birthday cake that his Auntie Yasmin made for him...

He had a very busy day and he loved every minute of it! He was absolutely knackered at the end of the day!

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