Friday 13 July 2018

FOOTBALL: Liverpool Summer Transfers (YB)

Well, with all the excitement of the World Cup, I've neglected to post about Liverpool!

Well, we haven't had a lot of new players in thus far. Keita has finally arrived and I'm looking forward to watching him in action when the new season starts.

And Fabinho is interesting, I'm interesting to see his partnership at the back with Van Dijk and wondering who else will be partnering them at the back.

And now Shaqiri joining us is exciting. Seeing Shaqiri play at previous World Cups, I always hoped we'd buy him. He always got bought into my teams in FIFA on the XBox 360/PS4. I think he can be a great addition as the playmaker for Salah, Mane and Firmino. I'm glad to see he's signed on!

The goalkeeper situation is still a bit up in the air. Loads of speculation, but nothing doing so far. At the start of last season, I thought Karius was even worse than Mignolet, but as the season progressed, I noticed a major improvement. Only to be let down in the Champions League final. I'm undecided as to my opinion on him. I don't know if Klopp should stick with him or find a replacement. I think the majority of fans have lost faith though, so as much for himself as for the team, maybe we should be looking at a replacement.

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