Saturday 7 July 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 7th July (YB)

Last two matches of the quarter finals today and I'm hoping they're just as exciting as yesterday's matches! I think England and Croatia will win, but with Sweden's defensive line-up, and Russia's zest for winning in their home country, anything could happen! Here are my score predictions for today...

Sweden 1-2 England
 Russia 2-3 Croatia

As for yesterday's matches, they went as I expected they would. Uruguay really missed the presence of Cavani alongside Suarez and nothing came of their opportunities, not a single goal, with France taking a decisive victory over them.

As a Brazil supporter, I was disappointed to see them knocked out, but not at all surprised and I totally expected Belgium to win. Belgium were much the better team, and for a while now, to me, have looked like favourites to win the World Cup. Brazil looked much a better team in the second half replacing Willian with Firmino and Gabriel Jesus with Douglas Costa, it's just a shame they didn't also substitute Neymar who was rubbish for the whole tournament, aside from his despicable rollings around and blatant diving, his zest for being the star man, in my opinion, in large part why they lost. He was always wanting to take it on himself instead of making the sensible decision and passing. Also, he lost the ball to the opposition countless times. And still the fans shouted his name and still the presenters/commentators heaped praise on him. I think he was extremely disappointing. Had Firmino & Douglas Costa been on from the start with Coutinho feeding the ball to them, I think Belgium would have had a challenge on their hands!

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