Thursday 5 July 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Quarter Finals (YB)

Well, the 2018 World Cup has been one full of shocks & surprises - but extremely entertaining with it!

We've lost 2014 WC winners Germany as well as bigger teams such as Spain, Portugal & Argentina who were tipped to go further.

There have been some great goals and VAR has caused a lot of controversy too.

And England won a penalty shootout AND are in the quarter finals! Did we just get zapped off to a parallel universe?!


The last 8 games are France vs Uruguay, Russia vs Croatia, Brazil vs Belgium and England vs Sweden. I would personally love to see the two teams I support in the WC final - England vs Brazil.

However, I think France, Croatia, Belgium and England will go through to the semi finals. I've not been ultimately convinced by Brazil this time (much to my disappointment), and think Belgium will really take the game to them. Though Belgium too, have been hit and miss, just barely scraping through to the quarters against Japan. I was devastated for Japan, they played so well and gave it their all!

Thought the way it's been going this time around, I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Russia, Uruguay & Sweden in the semi finals instead!

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