Tuesday 3 July 2018

FOOTBALL: Can England Reach The Quarter Finals? (YB)

Well, all of us England supporters are probably feeling hopeful that we should be able to make it to the quarter finals, we've played well so far, and surely we have a really good chance at beating Colombia?!

I've watched all of Colombia's matches and they just haven't been the same team that played in the last World Cup. They do keep on and keep trying though and I think by no means will England get an 'easy' win, but I think we should get a comfortable win.

I predict a 3-1 win for us, but I wouldn't be surprised if Colombia opened the scoring, but then we'll respond well and win the game. First scorer Quintero, anytime scorers Kane & Lingard. 1-1 half time score. We'll see...

Good luck, England! 

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