Monday 2 July 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 2nd July (YB)

Another two matches from the last 16. I think Brazil and Belgium will win today. Here are my score predictions for today...

Brazil 4-2 Mexico
 Belgium 5-1 Japan

As for yesterday's matches... Spain vs Russia - what a shock there. I didn't see the whole match, but I saw the last half of extra time and the penalties. Absolutely brilliant from Russia, but what a disappointing way to be knocked out of the World Cup for Spain?! I really hate it when a match goes to penalties to settle it.

And the Croatia vs Denmark match... Again, I hate seeing such an important match settled by penalties. I was actually hoping Croatia would win, they're one of my underdog favourites and have been since the days of Davor Suker, so I was glad to see them win, but did feel disappointed for Denmark as they did so well, especially Schmeichel following in his Father's footsteps. He saved that 'would-be' winning penalty from Modric in extra time quite spectacularly.

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