Saturday 16 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 16th June (YB)

Four matches today. I think France, Denmark and Croatia will definitely win and Argentina should win, but I would not discount Iceland. My score predictions are below...

France 3-1 Australia 
Argentina 3-2 Iceland
Peru 0-2 Denmark
Croatia 3-0 Nigeria

I'd have to say, I was a bit bored by yesterday's first two matches. Egypt played really well against Uruguay, but repeatedly failed to make anything of their chances, they were much better in defence than attacking. For the best part, much to my surprise, they were the better team. Cavani had an excellent couple of shots on goal, but Suarez was a total disaster, he looked like he was sleeping! Can't say with any conviction that Uruguay deserved to win that match.

As for Morocco vs Iran - this was a really boring game. Morocco wasting chance after chance until Iran snatched a last minute goal and won the match.

But the Portugal vs Spain match was absolutely thrilling, excitingly what I was expecting of it. Ronaldo's hat-trick was nothing short of fantastic - that first free kick in particular was genius. But nothing to be taken away from Diego Costa's fab goal for Spain, just whizzing through Portugal's defence like they weren't even there! Thoroughly enjoyed this match!

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