Tuesday 26 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 26th June (YB)

Four more matches today. I think Australia, France, Croatia & Nigeria will win today and here are my score predictions...

Australia 2-1 Peru
 Denmark 0-2 France
 Iceland 1-3 Croatia
 Nigeria 2-1 Argentina

I saw two of yesterday's matches. Firstly, I watched Uruguay vs Russia. After Russia's first two group matches, I thought it was likely Russia would win, but Uruguay finally stepped up their game and they won a comfortable 3-0 against them.

The other match I saw was Iran vs Portugal - well, Portugal didn't exactly play with enthusiasm and while they should've really won thanks to that goal from Quaresma, their gameplay was unenthusiastic to say the least. And the 'great' Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty - the icing on the cake. But Iran did not deserve that penalty that allowed them to get a draw from the match in the closing moments. It should not have been a penalty. I think referees feel under pressure to change their minds when they've already made a decision because of VAR.

I didn't see the Saudi Arabia vs Egypt match, but I thought Egypt would win it. The old Egyptian goalkeeper spectacularly saved a penalty though.

I also didn't see the Morocco vs Spain match, but did expect Spain to win, but yet another draw there. I wonder how today's matches will go? This whole World Cup has been full of shocks and surprises!

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