Wednesday 20 June 2018

HORSE RACING: Royal Ascot - Day 2 Predictions (YB)

Onto the second day of Royal Ascot. Today, I'm going to make 3 predictions - win, E/W & outsider chance. Here are my predictions for today...

14:30 - Win: Shades Of Blue, E/W: Forever In Dreams, Outsider: Daphinia
15:05 - Win: Stream Of Stars, E/W: Almoghared, Outsider: Drapers Guild
15:40 - Win: Wilamina, E/W: Tribute Act, Outsider: Promising Run
16:20 - Win: Cracksman, E/W: Hawkbill, Outsider: Royal Julius
17:00 - Win: Settle For Bay, E/W: Cape Byron, Outsider: Kynren
17:35 - Win: Society Power, E/W: Purser, Outsider: Tabdeed

So, how did my predictions do yesterday? Out of my 6 win predictions I got a mere 1/6 correct. As for my E/W predictions, again I only got 1/6 correct. Let's hope I do better on day two.

I did get a few outsider E/W bets come in that I actually placed a bet on - Mabs Cross & Monarch's Glen being the most notable.

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