Saturday 23 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 23rd June (YB)

Another three matches today. I think Belgium, Mexico & Germany will win & here are my score predictions for today...

Belgium 2-1 Tunisia

South Korea 0-2 Mexico
Germany 2-1 Sweden
Yesterday's matches... Nigeria beat Iceland! I really thought Iceland would win that match. Nigeria were so lively, I think they wore out the Iceland team. Well deserved win though and a great match.

Brazil vs Costa Rica, well Brazil won, but they didn't half leave it until the last minute, with both goals being scored in extra time! Great set up from Firmino for Coutinho's goal (yet still Firmino doesn't get a first team spot even though he's done more in the matches as a sub than the likes of Gabriel Jesus!) and a great set up from Douglas Costa for Neymar's tap in. Glad to see Brazil win in the end, but it really was last minute!

The Serbia vs Switzerland match was amazing! Really, really enjoyed this match, non-stop action and both teams were really going for it. Serbia had some great chances, but only converted one very good goal from Mitrovic. But what a goal for Xhaka for Switzerland, that was an amazing goal! And Shaqiri scored a brilliant winner too!

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