Sunday 17 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 17th June (YB)

Three matches today. I think Germany and Brazil will definitely win, but I think Costa Rica vs Serbia will be close, likely a draw. My score predictions are below...

Costa Rica 2-2 Serbia

Germany 3-1 Mexico
Brazil 3-1 Switzerland

I saw 3 out of 4 matches yesterday. The France vs Australia match was a good one. I don't think France played like potential winners, but Australia did really well, they played their hearts out and didn't really deserve to be beaten by a rather disappointing France.

The Argentina vs Iceland match again was a good match. I might have expected that Argentina would win, but after watching Iceland previously, I knew they could not be discounted. Iceland definitely deserved their draw, they played brilliantly. Messi, for Argentina, was rather disappointing. Missing two free kicks and having a penalty saved that the "world's best footballer" should really have done better with. Everyone compares Messi and Ronaldo, but in the World Cup so far, Ronaldo has far outshone Messi!

The Croatia vs Nigeria match was less than thrilling. I must say, I expected more from Croatia. I really thought they'd win in style, but their play was sloppy and Nigeria played a lot more fluently even if they lost in the end. Though Moses' repeatedly plays for fouls got very tiresome!

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