Thursday 28 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 28th June (YB)

Last four matches of the group stages today. I think Belgium, Tunisia, Japan will win, but I think Senegal vs Colombia will be a draw. Here are my score predictions...

England 2-3 Belgium
 Panama 1-2 Tunisia
 Japan 2-1 Poland
 Senegal 2-2 Colombia
As for yesterday's matches... Again I watched two out of the four matches. First I watched South Korea vs Germany and what a brilliant win for South Korea. Germany got no less than they deserved! They have played terribly throughout the group stages and deserve the early exit they've been dealt! And what was Neuer thinking?! I know they were behind, but is stupidity lead to a second easy goal for South Korea! I know South Korea are out too, but their win against Germany is something their country should be proud of them for!

Then I watched Serbia vs Brazil. Serbia were playing well enough, but were no match for Brazil, even if Brazil weren't ultimately convincing. Once again, I feel Neymar and Gabriel Jesus were just poor throughout, totally unimpressed. And Neymar is just a big head, all about showboating and trying to claim his own glory instead of putting the team first. I miss the days of Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos et al. What a Brazilian team that was! Still, I'm glad Brazil are through and hoping they step up their game in the next round. The team certainly has enough talent between them, they just need to start acting as a team and forget the glory-getters!

I didn't see the Mexico vs Sweden match, but I was surprised Sweden won by such a big margin. I actually expected Mexico to win. I also expected Switzerland to beat Costa Rica but that ended in a draw! You can already tell this World Cup is going to be one full of shocks, so maybe England stand a chance this time!

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