Thursday 21 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 21st June (YB)

Another 3 matches on today. I think Australia, France & Argentina will win, though I think there's a possibility if Denmark and Croatia are on their games, that those matches might end up as draws. Here are my score predictions...

Denmark 1-2 Australia
France 2-0 Peru
Argentina 3-2 Croatia
Now, what did I make of yesterday's matches... Portugal vs Morocco went as expected. I expected Portugal to win by a bigger margin, but they didn't seem that interested in getting plenty of goals. Morocco played very admirably though. Can I just say... PEPE!!! Any need?! He should be ashamed of himself.

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia, again, went as expected, but I thoroughly expected more excitement and more goals from Uruguay. It was another fairly boring game whereby Uruguay seemed more content to amble along with their lead than take charge and get more goals. I think Saudi Arabia controlled the game more, but just couldn't make the finishes needed to convert into goals.

And the Iran vs Spain match... Iran really didn't deserve to lose. Spain weren't exactly dazzling and you have to feel for Iran after having their equalising goal disallowed. I really expected more from Spain, but Iran played brilliantly!

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