Monday 25 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 25th June (YB)

There are 4 matches today, as we're into the last matches of the group stages now. Today, I think Egypt, Russia, Portugal & Spain will win and here are my score predictions for today...

Saudi Arabia 1-2 Egypt

Uruguay 2-3 Russia
Iran 1-4 Portugal
Spain 3-1 Morocco
There are already some teams that have qualified for the round of 16 - Russia, Uruguay, France, Croatia, Mexico, England and Belgium so far. And the last round of matches will be played this week to settle who else will be going through. Argentina are probably one of the most shocking to be heading home after only the group stages.

As for yesterdays matches... England vs Panama - what a game for us England fans! I thought we'd win, but who would have expected a 6-1 victory?! 6-1!!! Brilliant hat-trick from Harry Kane, but great play from the whole team. Panama were just silly behavioural wise - giving away the first penalty was stupid and blatantly a penalty, but the second penalty, I don't know what they were thinking! The referee spent an age telling them to stop mauling the England players and that he had his eye on them before he let England take their corner, but despite is warnings, Panama continued the mauling and blatantly brought down not one, but two England players leading to a second penalty. Silly play from Panama and they threw away the game.

I missed the Japan vs Senegal game unfortunately, but I thought it would be fairly evenly matched, but I thought one of them would win, but it turned out it was so close, it was a draw.

I did see the Poland vs Colombia match. I thought that match would be quite close, but Colombia slaughtered Poland. Poland were all over the place and only really had one decent shot from Lewandowski. Their whole game was embarrassing to their country and Colombia really to the game to them and got a well deserved 3-0 win.

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