Monday 18 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 18th June (YB)

Three matches today. I think Sweden, Belgium & England will win, though there have been some shocks so far, so we'll see... My score predictions are below...

Sweden 2-0 South Korea
Belgium 3-1 Panama
England 2-1 Tunisia

As for yesterdays matches - some shockers there, hey?! Costa Rica vs Serbia was a good match, very close really, could've gone either way but Serbia won. They both fought hard, but that goal from Kolorov was nothing short of fantastic!

Germany against Mexico, first shocker of yesterday! I thought both teams would score, but was certain Germany would win. Mexico played brilliantly and had Germany all over the place they just couldn't keep up - a very well deserved win from Mexico. I think Chicharito let them down though or they could have won 2-0, 3-0 even. Germany play far too clinically, even when they were down to the last 10 minutes, they were playing so tight and clinical, but it just didn't pay off against such a vibrant team as Mexico. Germany always want to play short balls and get as close to the goal as possible before shooting, but they clearly have forwards capable of shooting from outside the box, so I'd have liked to see them taking more chances, especially late on in the game seeing there tactics weren't working for them. Brandt had an excellent shot at goal, its unfortunate for him it didn't pay off. Though, as I said before, Mexico really did deserve that win.

Another shocker came in the form on Brazil against Switzerland. I was certain both teams would score, but thought Brazil would have won it. Switzerland played very well and held Brazil to a draw. Brazil often seemed in charge of the game, but barring a fantastic goal from Coutinho, they were held off by Switzerland.

Maybe the leading contenders all went into their games thinking they'd easily win and got a reality check, because Germany, Brazil & Argentina were all held for draws, France just about scraped a win. Maybe they'll up their games now and realise they can't just assume they'll win, or maybe this World Cup has a lot of shocks in store. Seeing how Iceland, Mexico & Russia have played, the underdogs can definitely not be discounted!

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