Wednesday 20 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 20th June (YB)

Three matches today. I think Colombia and Poland will win their matches, but I think Russia vs Egypt will end in a draw. My score predictions are below...

Portugal 3-0 Morocco
Uruguay 2-1 Saudi Arabia

Iran 0-2 Spain
As for yesterday's matches, here's my summary...

The Colombia vs Japan game was a shocker. First red card of the World Cup coming very early on in that game for Colombia, may have had a huge effect on the whole match. Japan did play excellently though and Colombia did too for some part of the match. I think it was a hard fought match and Japan definitely deserved the win!

The Poland vs Senegal match - another home goal to kick off the score line! This time it gave Senegal the lead. And what a surprising match overall! I thought Poland would win this match, but they did not play well at all and Senegal got a deserved win in the end.

Well, I thought the Russia vs Egypt would be a very close match, I expected maybe a draw, but Russia did the unexpected and won the match in style! Egypt tried, but they just weren't up to the task. Russia really have done well so far, and Cheryshev is one of my favourite players of the World Cup so far!

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