Thursday 21 June 2018

HORSE RACING: Royal Ascot - Day 3 Predictions (YB)

Onto the third day of Royal Ascot. Here are my predictions for today...

14:30 - Win: Shang Shang Shang, E/W: Glory Fighter, Outsider: Rumble Inthejungle
15:05 - Win: Wadilsafa, E/W: Main Street, Outsider: Mini P
15:40 - Win: Athena, E/W: Dancing Brave Bear, Outsider: Highgarden
16:20 - Win: Vazirabad, E/W: Desert Skyline, Outsider: Torcedor
17:00 - Win: First Contact, E/W: Curiosity, Outsider: Completion
17:35 - Win: Cross Counter, E/W: Communique, Outsider: Lucius Tiberius

So, how did my predictions do yesterday? Out of my 6 win predictions I got just 1/6 correct. As for my E/W predictions, just 2/6 correct. And finally, my outsider predictions got me a great big 0/6! Pretty terrible again on day two, so I'm hoping day three goes better!

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