Wednesday 27 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 27th June (YB)

Another four matches today. Today, I think Brazil, Switzerland, Germany & Mexico will win. Here are my score predictions for today...

Serbia 1-2 Brazil
 Switzerland 2-1 Costa Rica

South Korea 0-2 Germany

Mexico 2-1 Sweden

As for yesterday's matches, again I watched 2 of them. The first was Denmark vs France and what a totally boring match that was. Denmark probably played better, marginally. But France did not look like a winning team at all. Very poor play, very dismal match. Nothing more to say.

I also watched Iceland vs Croatia. Didn't Iceland play well?! Clearly outplayed with the quality of Croatia, but you have to admire Iceland for doing as well as they have, even if they won't be moving on to the next round.

I saw the results for the other matches. I was surprised Peru beat Australia, I thought either Australia would win or it would be a draw. And as for Nigeria vs Argentina... It was looking like Argentina were out and Nigeria were through until Rojo's goal. You have to feel for Nigeria and to be honest, I feel like they'd have earned their place going through more than Argentina as up until today, Argentina have been absolutely terrible!

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