Tuesday 19 June 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 19th June (YB)

Three matches today. I think Colombia and Poland will win their matches, but I think Russia vs Egypt will end in a draw. My score predictions are below...

Colombia 2-1 Japan
Poland 2-1 Senegal

Russia 2-2 Egypt
As for yesterday's matches, they all went as expected really. I thoroughly expected Sweden, Belgium & England to win. Sweden weren't as convincing as I might have expected, I think they will definitely struggle against tougher teams as South Korea played a good game. Belgium got off to a poor start, but once they settled a bit, they played a fantastic game and two great goals from Lukaku. And England, well they played well, not brilliant, but well enough and two great goals from Harry Kane. Was very impressed by Trippier and Henderson thoughout too, but was disappointed by Sterling & Lingard really. Tunisia played a great game though.

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